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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Poetic Impressions by Jami Pereira - A Book Review

Gripping and Deeply Profound

I like this author's causal, yet profound writing style very much. It is written with a fondness for the writing life. I think that the overall message from the author is that poetry is a form of freedom where boundaries are broken, and all the restrictions are removed.

Through Ms. Jami Pereira's words, she opens up a new door to poetry. This may frustrate over-methodical readers, and may not be suited for someone whose only interest is to analyze the aesthetic correctness in the poem. However, by doing that, they will miss the unique concreteness this author has to offer.

Reading this author's poetry, you'll soon understand, this is highly personal work. Within its 216 pages you'll find thought-provoking material that can only come from experience. Her words moved me many times to tears, as I became acquainted with such things as: abuse, cruelty, suffering, pain, hardship, sickness, but above all, hope and faith.

This book has truly touched me deeply and the author's words and perspective, expressed through her written poetic works, shall always be treasured and highly inspirational to me.
~ Sannel ~

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Title: Poetic Impressions - On your heart, mind & soul
ISBN-13: 9781468151039
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication date: 3/28/2012
Pages: 226
Language: English
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Poetic Impressions - On your heart, mind & soul

~ Domestic Violence ~
Jami Lynn Pereira

Beautiful eyes of mahogany,
muscles exploding in massive harmony.
Tall and handsome he stood. You would never guessed it,
but he was no good. Though we stood in matrimony.
Little did I know, his hatred would soon grow.
I had him on a pedestal. He did "no wrong."
What a fool I was.
He sang the same, tired song.
A decade passed, I grew too weary.
Time had taken its toll. My eyes, no longer teary.
A devoted slave, I had been.
He slapped my face, pulled out my hair.
Broke my ribs, in despair.
cracked my shin, shoved a twelve-inch blade beneath my chin.
Sirens, voices, I could hear them all.
"Blood is gushing from this woman, who is there to call?" Next of kin.
fourteen counts of assault and battery.
They finally took him away.
Eight years he vested for such a sin.
Unsuccessful attempts for my death,
he took everything from me.
But . . .he would never take my breath!

© Copyright 2012 by Jami Lynn Pereira. All rights reserved

Ms. Jami Lynn Pereira has stage four Advanced Adeno Carcinoma of both lungs,
and she is now too weak and sick to continue with her writing. 

Ms. Jami Lynn Pereira's Biography ( From the author's Amazon page)
I have worked in the petrochemical industry for 25 years. I have written poetry off and on all of my life, since my teens. However, this is my first attempt at writing books and I still have a lot to learn. I have two wonderful, grown children. I live with two Yorkshire terriers and a cat. 

The thing I have noticed about most Bio's are, that they are boring. Someones professional history is boring. A lot of people don't care about someones education and how many awards they have won, unless they are writing a medical book or references. As far as my Bio, I choose to make it plain, simple and down to earth, because that is who I am. I do have a formal education, but it doesn't define who I am or what I have become nor does it define what is important to me. It doesn't define my morality, integrity, honesty, values, or my spirituality and those are the things that are important to me, and a part of whom I have become throughout my life. 

My interests: Anything outdoors, and ever so often...having the opportunity to lay on the couch and watch a movie or take a nap. I enjoy simplicity. I also love writing, and planting in my yard or vegetable and flower garden(s). About my completed projects: Poetic Impressions on your heart, mind & soul vol.1, and Poetic Impressions on your heart, mind & soul, book 2. My very first poetry books. I love them, they are my heart made of personal thoughts and reflections. I believe they are relate-able, simple, and written in plain English, so that they are easily understood. I hope that you will enjoy them. 

I am also working on a novella, that I hope will turn into a series, focusing on young adults or the adult that enjoys an adventurous and good, clean, fun read. The title of my novella is...The adventures of Karlie Mayfield. 

My accomplishments: Hmm. . . though they may be few, and none of which may be related to my career, they are a reflection of who I am and whom I have become and I think the personal accomplishments are far more important than the ones focused on how much of the "spotlight" I have absorbed. For myself, I would have to say that being one of about 1200 women in the petrochemical industry as a Nationally certified professional craftswoman is a great accomplishment, not many women could have or would have tolerated or succeeded as I have, in this profession. When I started in the mid 80's there were approximately 400 craftswomen in the United States. 

I believe those things that mean the most to you as a human being, are the accomplishments that truly define you personally. I do not believe that personal wealth or education has anything to do with that. Morality, integrity, personal growth, development, and spirituality have far more meaning to me.

~ Jami Lynn Pereira ~

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Poetic Impressions - On your heart, mind & soul can be purchased at:

Please keep Jami in your thoughts and prayers. She is struggling with cancer and is now very ill.
Jami, please know that I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, and I'm hoping and waiting for the day when you will start to write again.
God Bless,


  1. deeply moved by this collection and by Jami's words, heart, and love...I humbly offer my prayers and adoration for this wonderful woman and appreciate her words here, so much....

  2. Tim, thank you so much for those beautiful and caring words. Jami is such a lovely soul and a very gifted writer. She has suffered so much throughout her life, and it's so unfair she is struck with this horrific illness on top of everything else. I'm sure your words here will make her very happy and deeply moved. Thank you for your time, it's very much appreciated.

  3. Thank you very much for introducing me to Jami's poetry, Sannel. I'm so sorry that she's ill. I hope she's able to create more books.

  4. Thank you Sannel--especially for including some of Jami's work--

  5. Linda, thank you for stopping by and sharing your kind comment. I will continue to pray for the day to come when Jami will start writing again.
    Take care!

  6. Audrey, thank you for your time and kind words.
    It's very much appreciated.

  7. Thank you, Sannel for this wonderful review of Jami's work. I think you capture a bit of the essence of it in your review. Jami's poems run the gamut from fond reminiscences to painful, bitter memories. Still, they are all from the heart and brutally honest. Indeed, this honesty may make some difficult to read. This isn't flowery, head in the clouds poetry. It's down-to-earth, gritty, real-life poetry. Real-life as in things don't often go as planned or wished. As you mentioned in your review, this is a highly personal work and you can't help but admire Jami's personal strength and courage after reading it!

  8. Nice, interesting . . . It is a work with personality, I agree. Her style is profound as to her experiences and offers a wealth of understanding. Having read this wonderful work while perusing again here and there I discover each time. That is a gift for the reader to explore their own 'self' through Jami's poetry.

    Ponder those treasures the reader experiences. Those offer great worth and has value. I appreciate how liberty is offered to explore as a reader one's own inner child, inner self, or inner being. Experiencing both dormancy and awakening.

    Thank you Sannel,as a friend, of a friend for sharing this work as art seen with Jami's poems.


  9. Rick, true words from someone who has read Jami's work. You said it so well. Much better than I ever could. Perhaps you could write a review, lol. However, it's so true. Jami's words are written from her own down-to-earth, gritty experiences, and I admire her courage and her strength not to give up. She's truly a remarkable and admirable woman and author. Thank you, my friend for your time for leaving such warmhearted and regardful comment.

  10. Tim (Mitch), as a reader of Jami's poetry, you know as well as I do, how profound and personal her words are, and yes, like you so beautifully said; truly a gift for the reader. You have so splendidly summed up exactly what I feel about Jamie's poetry book - A Work of Art!
    Thank you, my friend for sharing your lovely comment here. It's very much appreciated.


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