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Friday, July 12, 2013

Emerald Wells Cafe - A Home Away From Home

Emerald Wells Cafe - A Home Away From Home.
The cafe is a wonderful place to hang out and meet our friends. We can always be ascertained of a warm welcome and excellent coffee served by Em.

Michael Friedman's, Emerald Wells Cafe, spoke to me from the very first page. I immediately connected with the likable characters like Emmy, Earl, Harold, Carl, Rose and Dale the Sheriff who lives in the wonderful small town, Emerald Wells, just off the crossroads and Highway 27, Texas.

The author lets us into the lives of the folks in Emerald Wells, in an era, simpler and kinder, when people actually had time to care and talk to their neighbors. Emerald Wells Cafe is a home away from home to the folks who lives in the town, and each chapter will bring you humor, drama, dilemmas, adventure, romance, a dash of poetry and yes, nostalgia. It did not take many pages before I felt close to the characters, and truly fell in love with the little town and its inhabitants.

The book is extraordinarily good and I'm amazed how fast I read this book. But the author's writing is so captivating and engaging that I did not want to stop turning the pages. I kept saying to myself, just one more page. . .

Emerald Wells Cafe is an absolutely delightful book and I am so glad I read it. Michael Friedman is an amazing writer, and this well-written and highly recommendable story left me smiling. I truly loved it! If you haven't read Emerald Wells Cafe I suggest you give it a try. It's more than worth it!


Book Description:
Join Em and Earl as they host Carl, Gabby, Dale and Harold at the Emerald Wells Café. The year is 1955; the place Emerald Wells, Texas; just off the crossroads. A place where everybody passes through, their hurried lives paused for a moment for a quick cup of coffee and a generous slice of fresh apple pie. Join the staff for Movie Night shown on the side of the building or pull up a stool and listen in at Speakeasy Night.
Tucked into a grove of pines on a cottage lined lake these folks gather for laughter, love and genuine friendship.

Product Detail:
Emerald Wells Cafe (Kindle Edition)
Author: Michael Friedman
Foreword: Brenda J. Barnes
Introduction: Maria Jordan
Price: $14.99
File Size: 844 KB
Print Length: 710 pages
Publisher: Mockingbird-Books; First eBook edition edition (June 22, 2013)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English

Author and Illustrator, Michael Friedman

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Emerald Wells Cafe

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  1. Excellent review on a most enjoyable story. I love Mike Friedman's style of writing. The people of ÈW feels like family :)

  2. Hello Sannel and thank you very much. Your interview actually showed up on my blog page in a feed. What a nice surprise this morning. Heck, your review makes me want to read this again. I will smile the rest of the day.

  3. Martie, I so agree with you, Mike Friedman's style of writing is very magnetic and engaging, and it doesn't take long before the folks at Emerald Wells feels like family or old friends.

  4. Hello Mike, I'm so glad you enjoyed this review. Well, if you're looking for a great read this weekend, I can truly recommend your own book, lol. You'll fall in love with it as much as I did.
    I wish you a great weekend!
    Blessings and hugs,


  5. Great article Sannel. Mike's energy offers us all hope for a better tomorrow with his work. I like the cafe setting and locals helping each other through life as a theme. Nice! Well, the night has grown very long, I'm done . . .

    thank you for sharing a well written article. I hope to be reading more soon . . .


  6. A great review! His characters are wonderfully alive!

  7. Mitch, yes, Mike's positive and inspiring energy can't go unnoticed. He is very much to be admired, not only for his great writing skill, but also for his genuine, generous and loving heart. Thank you for your time and beautiful comment, my friend.


  8. Audrey, I agree! Mike Friedman makes his characters alive in such a way, that after you have read the book, you start to miss your "friends" at Emerald Wells.
    Thank you for your time and kind comment.

  9. You have a plethora of beautiful jewels in your Nutshell, Sannel...

    Just discovering your spot on and dynamic review of a true classic in Emerald Wells have written an honorable and well-deserved tribute about Mike's writing.

  10. Dear Maria,
    Well, I just got the most beautiful jewel in the whole wide world come to visit my blog - You!
    Thank you for your lovely words.
    Love you!

  11. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Emerald Wells Cafe and being part of the crowd sharing the hospitality of the homey place. What a great read.


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