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Thursday, March 21, 2013

World Poetry Day - My Tribute to Jami Pereira

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) declared in 1999, that the World Poetry Day would be held each year on March 21. The purpose of the day is to support and appreciate poets and poetry around the world. To promote the reading, writing, publishing and teaching of poetry throughout the world, and give fresh recognition and impetus to national, regional and international poetry movements.

So I feel there's no better day than today, than to pay a tribute to a very talented poet and writer. Her name is Jami Pereira, and I'm so happy and honored to be able to post one of her poems here on my blog.

Jami has stage four Advanced Adeno carcinoma of both lungs. There is not much hope for her to fight this if she does not get the treatments she needs, and quick. The doctors prognosis that without treatment, Jami has four to six months to live, maybe a little more, maybe a little less. Unfortunately, she has used up all of her insurance benefits, and lost her job because of her illness. So it's not possible for Jami to afford her crucial medical treatments, unless she gets some financial help. So, I ask, as a friend of Jami for some help. Any small amount will help Jami tremendously. This is the link to her page:  Cancer Care for Jami .  Any help is a blessing, and all prayers are welcomed.

Jami's perseverance while battling stage four Advanced Adeno carcinoma of both lungs is beyond inspirational. Through her pain and worries every single day and night, she shows tremendous strength to stay calm, and even cheerful through this horrible and painful ordeal. She shows so much courage and determination, fighting for her own life. Jami's sweet and kind personality radiates with her positive attitude, her faith in our Lord, and her love for life. She has a unique talent as a writer and poet, and her work is a Gift to the World. and she has still so much to give. I truly admire her so. She is such a beautiful soul. 
Poetry brings beauty to life and so does Jami. 

Jami Pereira

Twisted Tomorrow 
Jami Pereira

I hear the crickets singing.
A neighbor’s phone, is ringing.
Clouds, powder the sky in grey.
It may, rain today.
Not a drop, in four months.
Dew heavy laden, upon the grass.
Scent of morning air, will pass.
My coffee steams, in the breeze.
Wind gently nudges, the trees.
The sun starts, its morning creep.
Across the horizon, mountainous, and steep.
A dense fog, in the distance.
Two squirrels play, and make romance.
How silly they seem.
When life, is but a dream.
Like my favorite, ice cream.
Our world, is slowly dissolving.
Man destroys, and calls it solving.
Sad, this beauty… must end.
We all stop, to pretend.
Life as we know it, will end.
No such thing, as cease-fire.
There will be nothing left, to admire.
Nature, will take its course.
Showing no more, remorse.
Destruction, comes from her core.
Comfortable life, no more.
Multitudes of devastation, is near.
No need to dwell, or shed a tear.
Our earth is dying, caused by mankind.
Cherish, what moments you find.
Nature’s force, will cause suffering.
Taking its time, like speakers buffering.
No need to worry, no need to stress.
There’s something better, somewhere.
Away from life’s, warranted mess.
No more bills to pay.
No more disarray.
The husband, beats his wife, no more.
Earth, will be cut, to the core.
Worry, will cease to exist.
It won’t do any good, to resist.
Life, will be no more.
Starting over, as trillions’, of years afore.
Earth, covered in a smoky mist.
Renewing itself, from mass destruction.
Only Roaches, and ant’s, will start construction.
What will be left?, on this planet?
Leaving no trace of man,
Ever having been in it, don’t fret.
Heed the warning of thus, this life span.

copyright2012jami Pereira

Jami, prayers are with you!


  1. So very sad--I don't know Jamie--but such a difficult situation---I will check out the site and that you for this--

  2. Dearest Sannel,
    The Love and caring that pours from your soul is a God send, Your heart is overfilled with kindness & generosity and I am truly blessed that you have found me, as I you. I Thank you deeply, your words encourage me. Sometimes life goes on for a long time and you never meet anyone that really ever cares about anything.. Ive been lucky enough to find many in a very short period of time, and I Thank God for that everyday :) I also commend you and Mr. Mitch and MrRick, and Mr.Darrel and a few others for helping me to pass the word about my canpaign. Wish I could have stayed around alot longer, the pedestal that you have me displayed on so beautifully.. I may have been able to run for president. :) I love you all, and I do not say that light heartedly, I mean it, I love you all for taking the time, finding the time, and showing me and so many others exactly what you all, and your big hearts are made of. God Is Soo Good! This is such a beautiful page, Thank you so very much :)

  3. My Lady (Sannel) and your faithful, loyal, and protector {Sir Max} 'tis I Sir Sremmus of Leke, awakened not of a crow in a house, more so the moon's descent. Soon, today, the 'break of dawn' will opening her arms wide offering a hug of warmth as the sun climbs the translucent blue morning sky.

    After the morning meal of this or that, a hot brew too, and the early chatter of birds sharing their gossip and news as well, the journey beckons with a call.

    My Steed, known as 'heart, awaits the command to pull this old cart into a field of battle with a dragon some know. It is the blessings of Lady Sannel and those of Lady Jami that offers strength.

    Today, I seek a great leader of many in a kingdom wide and long. In his service for near 27 years a favor sought of naught nor of 'self.' Pray Ladies of this land, that their be no battle, only opening of the heart and soul to the needs of the body while healing the mind.

    Humbly I ask we as four or five or more submit to our Almighty seeking wisdom as pen finds paper for this task. I ask it be the spirit not of 'self' yet of the four - Lady Jami, Lady Sannel with Sir Max, and Sir Sremmus. It is with the guidance of years hence of many who shared much of this and that like Mr. Piccolo and his fancy feet running in a field chased as if a rabbit, yet could he go - go - go . . .

    Sir Sremmus and his companion, friend, and his mighty steed leading an old wooden cart - 'Heart' seeks 'Love' today of others with more than most . . .

  4. Audrey, Jami used to write on HP. Unfortunately, she is too sick now. She is such a courageous and inspirational woman, who has had nothing but hardship in her life. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you for your kind words and visit.

  5. My dear Jami, how could not my heart overflow with joy, love and admiration for such a courageous and beautiful soul as yourself. I do not think I could ever have had your enormous strength and such positive attitude, if I was faced with the same painful, dreadful and distressing ordeal. You're so brave. You are my hero, my friend. You truly are!
    You are loved by so many, because of your beautiful and kind heart, and your sweet and gentle personality.
    Jami, hang in there kiddo! I know you will get through this, and we are all rooting for you. I am sending you all the love, prayers and strength there is.
    I love you! Hugs,

  6. Jami deserves a wonderful friend like you Sannel. Thank you for everything you are doing to help. It's an admirable thing you do for a wonderful lady who deserves much better than the hand she has been dealt!

  7. Rick, I know how good friend you are to Jami, as well. And as her friend, we are trying to help Jami in any way we can. I believe that's what friends are for. If we can't rely on our friends when we need help, then who would we turn to in our difficult times.
    Thank you Rick!

  8. Sannel,

    Thank you and bless you for this tribute to my dear friend Jami that I met through hubpages. Jami and you both share a loving heart, soul and talent for poetry. I am blessed to know both of you.



  9. My thoughts are with Jami every single day and thank you for this wonderful post Sannel.
    Very touching indeed.
    Lots of love.


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