Sannel Larson

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Living With Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I do not blame my family, friends and neighbors if they are feeling confused, many times when they see me. There are times, I can feel quite wonderful, even if my pain is constantly with me. Other times, I can feel so sad or confused. Then there are times, no one sees me at all, since I can't bear to meet, be seen, or even talk to anyone. These stages in my mood can change rapidly from day to day, or from hour to hour. So how can anyone possible understand what's going on with me? One minute they see me like a vibrant, fresh rose, the next minute, I'm wilting, fading away. . .  

~ My Day As a Rose ~








Yesterday, moist with morning dew
Today, I'm withered up, with pallid hue

Yesterday, a beautiful rose
Today, of my beauty no one knows

Yesterday, I touched the glowing sunrise
Today, I'm slowly fading before your eyes

Yesterday, my sweet fragrance scents the air
Today, my lovely perfume, I can't bear

Yesterday, a joy to behold
Today, I feel dull and oh, so cold

Yesterday, vibrant and unique
Today, tranquility is what I seek

Yesterday, gracefully standing tall
Today, my gentle petals fall

© Copyright 2013 by Sannel Larson. All rights reserved


  1. Tenderly sad but beautiful !!
    Another great post Sannel.

  2. Sannel,I must agree with Eddy. This is beautiful but sad. Comparing yourself to the wilting rose was effective and poignant. Everyone can relate to that imagery I think. Of course, your choice of images to accompany your poem is impeccable, as always. Thank you for this glimpse into your world, my dear friend. Please know that however you may feel, you're still a beautiful rose! Keep these posts coming!

  3. Beautifully expressed metaphor! Sad--but beautiful--cherish your good days--have I thanked you yet for the Liebster? I have to figure out what to do with/for that--Thank you!

  4. Thank you, Eddy! I always love your visits and kind words.

  5. Hi Sannel... your words have touched a tear to fall for you, yet we all so look forward to the better days spent with you. You are a beautiful rose in our eyes at all times with the words you share from your heart... know that you are loved my friend.

    Hugs and Blessings from Canada

  6. Rick, your sweet comment makes me feel like a beautiful rose bud. Thank you, my friend. I needed to hear those words today.

  7. Audrey, yes, I do cherish my good days so very much. As well, as I cherish your lovely visit. Well, your welcome! Just have fun with your award. I'm looking forward to read your answers to my questions. Thank you, my dear for your time.

  8. Rolly, thank you so much for those beautiful words. Now you have made me start to cry! But those are tears of joy and happiness, knowing how blessed I am, to have you as a dear friend. Thank you!
    My love and hugs to you.

  9. This was absolutely beautiful, Sannel. I love your use of imagery and days of the week to mark time passing. Hoping you are fresh as a brand new bud today.

  10. Hello Peggy! As of now, I still wear most of my petals, lol! Thank you for brightening my day with your visit, and kind words.


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