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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Stress is one of my biggest enemies

My apologies for being one day late with this blog post.

As some of you may know, I am dedicating Tuesdays to write about my two illnesses, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). However, when you are living with FM and CFS, things usually do not go as planned. There will always be the usual obstacles in the way, that will make it hard to finish anything at all, like pain, exhaustion, brain fog, anxiety and so much more.

Then there are other unexpected obstacles and interruptions like the internet connection is down, too many phone-calls, too many emails that needs to be replied to, too much pain which in turn will make my writing slow. . . and all those expected and unexpected obstacles will as a result make my stress levels to rise, and my Fibromyalgia symptoms worsen.

Stress Is One Of My Biggest Enemies 
When I notice, I'm not able or have the time to go through with what I had planned, then my stress level hits the roof and that's when I lose control over myself. I stop function all together, and I go into this foggy world of so much sadness, confusion, aggravation and worthlessness. When I'm in there, it takes all my willpower to try to find the opening and get the hell out of there as fast as I can, or it will trap me in there for days and days.

The Person I Once Was
Nobody knows me better than I know myself, so when I see myself in my own mind's eye, it's rather frightening. How can this person possible be the same efficient person who once could do multitasks like no other. Quick, hardworking and full of energy. Stress – No problem! There was always thousands of projects going on at the same time. There was no limit to what I could accomplish in one day, and look at me now, I can't even complete a freakin' blog post.

Stress Triggers Fibro Flares
In order to better cope with my Fibromyalgia, I have to eliminate as much stress from my life as possible. I have to stop delaying things until the last moment ( like a blog post) and start organize my life in order not to trigger any stress. I should start making lists and finding ways to get things done without the pressure of a ticking clock and get my stress under control. I just wish, somehow in my foggy brain, I could remember all those things.

As Soon as Stress Enters My Life - My Symptoms Escalate
People who suffer from Fibromyalgia experience pain, exhaustion, sleep disturbances, fibro-fog, indigestion, headaches and much more. When stress is added, our symptoms escalate, and then we get more stressed as a result. This is what happened to me yesterday, with the conclusion, I could not finish writing the original blog post that was intended, and nothing else for that matter. Hopefully, that post will be completed by next week, as long as I do not let stress enter my life once again.
So for all of you who thinks Fibromyalgia is just about pain, I just want to say, it is so much more.


  1. Thank You Sannel for sharing of the personal struggles with Fibromyalgia. Like the owl of Athena perspective is gained seeing the day to day events from the eyes of one who lives with knowledge of Fibromyalgia - First Hand.

    As Sir Sremmus I bow before thee Lady Sannel. I will place this message in a pouch and then share with many lands today. Offer my best regard to {Sir Max} a faithful and loyal friend readied to both serve and counsel with Love.

    Email is down in the forest I wander. I offer you both today's bounty of Love Lady (Sannel) of the Land of Poetry, who shares while giving 'Love' openly and freely, and a hug too, (Lady Sannel) . . .for 'tis I Sir Sremmus, standing beside you and {Sir Max}.

    Today we seek the service of (Lady Jami). Soon, the pens filled with pigeons each a message for lands of yore and more, sending them with each season of the day in many languages too . . .

    Sir Sremmus

  2. Thank you, Sannel, for opening yourself up so that others can understand how you and fellow Fibro victims suffer. It's interesting to see that this disease has such profound psychological and mental symptoms along with the pain and fatigue. I know it must be incredibly difficult for you during your "low" periods. Please know that you have many friend who love and support you. Though it may feel like it, you are never alone. Take care and keep opening our eyes, dear friend!

  3. Hi Sannel... reading of this on a personal basis as you have shared with us gives me a new appreciation for those who suffer with it. It is not about quantity that you write it is about quality.
    Your writing is beautiful and always blesses me. Know that you are dearly loved my friend.

  4. Hi Sannel i have written much over 16 years but with much stress that events directly effecting me,,,i find it so difficult to blog mainly because like you have expressed each area i have to write or reply in this situation is complicating any rest ,sleep &every day especially since april 2010,,,my closes family are thisa one &i have afew close &best friend,,,,who have done so much,,,like you say its not just pain,,,,it this roller coaster they continuals ,,changing a persons ones effective means to mulitask to finishing any one thing,,,especially if time limit,,,,,,I have times lived in this seemless space ,trying to sleep &hopefullt accomplish something thats sort of vital,,,,only to be stress &combination of the fibro effects to put away this task over &over trying to complite,,,,,someone that know its not done can,t understand that thier long time isn,t that same time for me Or those with this monster of fibro,,,,,reading yours today lets me know again i am not really putting of something but actually trying to finish,,,&the difference 0f who i was &now i have to wait on the occurs to let up ,to get a break through,,,although we try everything to deminish stress,,I know we ubnderstand &i pray for strenght & time to express myself,,i know i am of sound mind ,,its my certainly that we are more then surivors,,we are conquerors each moment we have God Bless you,,,,,,hugs to all fibromites Joyce

  5. Mitch, thank you for your love and hugs, and for being such a wonderful and loyal reader.

  6. Rick, thank you, I needed to hear those caring words. Having lived with these illnesses for some time now, I have come to realize, I'm getting more and more isolated. It's not something I want to happen, since I would love to do so much, to be surrounded by people, have fun and be active. However, in the end it's my quietness that I pray for. It's all I can handle. My quiet and isolated life.
    Thank you,for being my friend! It's nice to know, I have friends who cares because honestly, I really do not want to be all alone.

  7. Rolly, my dear friend, I feel truly blessed to have wonderful friends like you to brighten my day. Thank you for your beautiful support and feedback. Hugs to you!

  8. Joyce, my heart goes out to you, knowing how much you suffer. There is no way for anyone to understand what fibromyalgia is all about if you do not suffer from it yourself. This invisible disease is quite cruel and very complex. We all experience our fibro so different. That's why we can't compare one fibromyalgia patient with another.
    When you say; "I'm not really putting of something but actually trying to finish" Joyce,I understand it so well. That's how it is all the time for me too.
    Thanks for reading, for commenting, and for your kind words.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you. Just know you're not alone.
    God Bless!


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