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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sensual Cooking for Valentine's Day

What could be more sexy and playful than to cook the Valentine's dinner together with your loved one. The act of cooking together is a pleasurable and intriguing form of foreplay that will transform your kitchen into a daring and sensual sanctuary. So for this special evening, forget the apron for once, and get dressed in your slinky red dress, or if you're a man, your sexiest boxer shorts — Heck, forget the dress and boxers all together, and wear only an apron!

All your energy should be used on each other - Not on the food
When planning the menu, you should not make it complicated. Remember all your energy should be used on each other, and not on the food. Let your Valentine know that you'll be cooking together, and tell him or her not to eat anything before the date, preferable not all day. Make sure you have all the ingredients at home, before your date for the evening stands on your doorstep. Check that the champagne is chilling in the ice bucket, and dim the lights for a sensual and very hot evening.

Flames will ignite
When your date appears the flames will soon ignite -not only on your gas stove - but also between the two of you. The romantic evening in the kitchen will soon turn into a stirring experience, both in your loins and in the pots. As the romantic tunes plays seductively in the background, you'll be sipping on the chilled champagne. The enticing smell from the food will soon stir up hunger in both of you, and I'm not just talking about the hunger for food, if you catch my drift.

Cooking together is so sexy
The purpose with a cooking date is to stay physically together. Brushing up against each other accidentally in the kitchen is very arousing, and the smaller the kitchen, the better. Gentle touches between your fingertips while chopping and stirring. Self-indulging in sexy kisses, with flavors of hot, burning desires on your tongues.
With a lusting eye you're looking at each other over the simmering pots. The moist and wet steam are tenderly caressing your bodies and senses. Touching and stroking each others pots and pans will soon get both of you begging for more.

Voluptuous, red tomatoes
The sight of some of the ingredients will certainly heighten your cravings. The suggestive phallic shape of the asparagus will get your pulses raising. The voluptuous curves from the lush, soft, red tomato will definitely have you reaching out for the bottle of virgin olive oil, and when you feel the sensuous texture of the ripe avocado between your fingers, you yearn to taste its flesh.

Oregano, basil and love in the air
Taste the food by seductively feeding each other. In fact, tasting can be so rapturous. Take your time while gentle licking and nibbling each others fingers.That will definitely whet your appetites for more. The fragrant herbs of oregano and basil will linger daringly in the air, as a reminder of the growling hunger that is felt between the two of you, and in your stomachs. 

A foreplay of starving lust
Whisper sweet nothings in your partners ear while you kiss and gently nibble it. As you stir the tomato sauce and throw the pasta in the boiling water, you slowly sprinkle your love with kisses, as you move down the neck and back up to their lips. Soon your unbridled cravings are out of control. Things are really heating up in the hot kitchen.

A kitchen that's both sultry and torrid
You know you have to slow down before your self-control erupts. With feverish eyes you see a kitchen that's both sultry and torrid after a foreplay of malnourished cravings. This may be enough to dampen some of the arousal and cool things down for a bit, but just enough, before an unstoppable evening of unlocked hunger and starvation slowly will be fulfilled, with x-rated ingredients, so daringly appetizing, to downright intoxicating. Hungry yet?

Interested in some sensual chocolate dessert to serve to your Valentine? Here is the recipe: Sensual Chocolate Dessert for Valentine's Day


  1. Oooh, Sannel! You're bad ... or good ... oh, never mind! All I know is whoever gets to cook with you is one very lucky fellow. Sensuality is mostly in the mind and you show that so well in this post. Wow! Uh, are you free this Thursday? I could use some help in the kitchen!

  2. Rick. . . like. . .uh, to clean the dishes?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Knock, knock, knock - 'I dry cleaned these aprons.'

    Hey, this is just like around here. lol

    (edited for grammar)

  5. Mike, not doing much cooking, huh? Lol!

  6. I really hope you have a lover who will fill your kitchen with steaming manhood, vitality, excitement, caresses, nibbles, rubs and so much more. The food will take care of itself, heck with two steaming hot bodies mixing, chopping, squeezing, rubbing, tasting, smelling..well need I say more? I've had the occasion many years ago to partake in this form of ecstasy. Nothing better that to erupt over each others love for especially on Valentines Day in a steamy kitchen. Would love to be there, it would be fantastic. Hugs my sweet Swede.

  7. It would be fantastic, dear friend! However, those times are behind me. At least, I have great memories of what have been. Things are not meant to be. . . .Hugs, my darling Canadian!

    1. I agree, thank goodness for memories. At least we both felt what deep love and affection felt like, I am truly blessed. Hugs back at you dear Sannel.


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