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Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Liebster Award - Fun Facts about Sannel

I have been nominated the Liebster Award by Vicky Fida at:  The Greek House Wife 
Thank you so much Vicky for for giving me this prestigious Award. 

The Liebster award is the German word for friend or love The aim of the award is to bring more attention to up and coming bloggers with fewer than 200 followers, who deserve to have more recognition and followers than they already have.

Here are the rules for receiving this award:
1. Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, and then create 11 new questions for the bloggers you pass the award to. 
3. Choose 11 new bloggers (with less than 200 followers) to pass the award to and link them in your post. 
4. Go back to their page and tell them about the award. 
5. No tag backs.

11 Facts About Me:

1. I am diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia
    Before I became ill I:
2. Climbed to the highest peak (Mytikas) of Mount Olympus in Greece 
3. Paraglided
4. Swam with dolphins in the Mediterranean sea.
5. Had very close encounters with whales out on the sea. Twice! 
6. Sat in the cockpit on my flight to South Africa. 
7. Rode on a motorcycle from north of Sweden, through Finland, to the Russian border, all in one night under the midnight sun. 
8. Went ice-skating by the Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Plaza.
9. Harvested olives and pistachios in Greece.
10. Ran over the same beautiful, green hills that came alive with Julia Andrews, and the sound of music.
11. Skijoring (a person on skis is pulled by a horse.)


These are the 11 Questions from Vicky that I have to answer to:

1. If you had 3 hours to yourself (no husband, no kids, no chores) what would you do? 
Late afternoon spa w/ gentle massage and steam, then a glass of red wine, or a cup of Greek mountain tea, while watching the sun set.

2. What is the best life advice you can give to your followers? 
Think positive and beautiful thoughts, and your life will have a positive outlook.

3. What is your goal for this year? 
My goal for this year is to finish my illustrations for my nursery book and have it published. As well as try my best to be the very best person I can be.

4. If they made a movie of your life, who would you pick to play you? 
Oh, I have really no idea! Perhaps,Charlize Theron - she has the height for it, but will she be able to capture my Swedish accent? Lol!  

5. What is your favorite quote? 
“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” – Carl Bard

6. Describe your ideal Valentine's day! 
Staying home and cooking together with my loved one. Followed by a romantic and fun dinner in the candlelight, with some wine, talk, laughter, kisses and dessert. . . oh, yes, definitely dessert, lol. 

7. What is the best song to describe your mood today?
Blessings by Laura Story 

8. Apart from blogging how do you spend your free time? 
What free time??? Lol!  Fortunately, I own a dog, so we do take lots of beautiful walks in the Swedish forest.  

9. What is your favorite memory? 
Umm, that's a tough one, there are so many.  But I have this very warm and loving memory, when I picked up a little puppy from the street and held him in my arms for the very first time. Who knew he would become my very best friend, and is still my everyday companion after 12 years.

10. If you could do any job in the world, what would it be? (Except for being a mom or dad!) 

I’d want to be a Nature photographer. Travel the world, visiting many different, inspiring locations. 

11. If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money, and why?
I live a very simple life, always had. I have never been a materialistic person. I figure, whatever I need here in life, will fit into a suitcase. So I would not spend my money on any stuff. As long as I have my laptop, toothbrush, my camera and pencils for drawing, I'm all set. 

However, I would buy myself a small house - a very small house, knowing I will have something of my own to come home to. That would feel really nice! Then I put some money away for my future. I would also like to treat my good friends and family, who has always been there for me with trips and visits to the Spa and lovely dinners. 

The rest of the money, I would give away to animal shelters around the world. Helping out with food, medicine and education to children in poor countries. Helping out in any way I can to make sure less fortunate will have a decent, cooked meal a day. 

I will also support the research of fibromyalgia,  ALS, often referred to as "Lou Gehrig's Disease ( my mum passed away from this disease) and cancer research.

These are my 11 questions to my nominees :

1. What's the last book you read?
2. If you could have dinner with anyone from history who would it be, and why?
3. Which three things would you save from a fire in the house?
4. If you could compare yourself with an animal. Which would it be and why?
5. How would you title your autobiography?
6. What is your worst fear? 
7. Who do you admire most and why?
8. Do you have any pet peeves? If so, what are they?
9. Who are some of your favorite poets?
10.  If you could visit any place in the world, where would you choose to go and why?
11. What is one goal you’d like to accomplish during your lifetime?

I pass this award on to these lovely bloggers:

5. Rick Stephen at:
7. Deborah Brooks Langford at:

Last but not least I would really like to thank Vicky Fida at: The Greek House wife 
Please check out her lovely blog. 


  1. Thank you so much Sannel I feel so honoured.Your blog is so very inspiring and enjoy your day.

  2. Congratulations, Sannel! This Liebster Award suits you perfectly. Gosh, if you and I were in the same neighborhood we would have turned the world upside down. It is so sad to 'see' such an energetic lady like you suffering Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

    I would love to hear your voice and Swedish accent. Why not make us a sound track?

    Thanks for sending me one of the eleven Liebster Awards. You are now forcing me to explore blogging and bloggers.... :)

  3. Hello Eddy!
    You truly deserve this award, my dear. Your blog is so beautiful and inspirational in every way. Congratulations! Enjoy!

  4. Martie, yes, we would have had so much fun together you and I, my dear friend. Oh, so you think I should make a sound track, do you? Oh my, you would all be falling down from your chairs, laughing so hard, lol! I sound just like the Swedish chef in the Muppets, lol!
    Well, Martie, I would really love to see more action on your blog. It's a great blog, and I would love to read some more short stories by you. You're a wonderful story teller.

  5. Sannel. What a wonderful award. The questions and your answers are heartwarming. You certainly have the gift. And oh, the adventures you have been on sound exotic. Congratulations, I alwo agree with your choices to receive the award from you. A bunch of fine people on that list.

  6. I am proud of this award you have received. It offers more than one knows. I like what you asked and when I have a PC again I will answer :(, butthat gives me awhile to think of answers. I smile from ear to ear at your accomplishment. So daring and adventurous. A role model for our youth and wise both.

    I wish you a wonderful day tommorrow on Saturday the 22nd. I hope the sun does stretch its arms wide giving you a warm hug all day long.

    (Hugs) and woff, woff for {Sir Max}


  7. Beautiful answers from a beautiful lady...

  8. Beautiful answers from a beautiful lady...

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  10. Hello Mike! It makes me happy knowing you enjoyed reading my blog post. Thank you for all your kind words towards my work! Your visits, my friend always make me so glad.
    God Bless and hugs!

  11. Tim, thank you for your kind and wise words and for being such a wonderful and loyal reader. I'm sorry about your pc. I really hope it can be fixed.
    Hugs and woff woff,
    Sannel and Max

  12. Maria, you are so thoughtful and kind - please don't ever change, my sweet, beautiful friend.

  13. Thank you Sannel! I never quite know what to do with awards--but I love getting them!!! I want to congratulate everyone who you nominated and congrats to you as well!!


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