Sannel Larson

Monday, February 3, 2014

My Very Best Friend!

December ?, 2000 - January 27, 2014

It's been a few days now

since I kissed him goodbye.

My friend took off without me

through the snow-flurried sky.


He were too tired and too old 

to leave without some assistance, 

so God sent him a pair of wings

'cause to heaven is quite a distance.


Through the snow flurries he flew

higher and further he went away 

while my teardrops was falling

as I wanted my best friend to stay.


My friend was not an ordinary friend 

No, he was quite special and unique.

Sure, he had a nose, four paws and tail 

with the most kind and gentle streak.


While friends have come and gone 

he were constantly by my side

never questioning, never judging,

his own interests he always set aside. 


He truly was a special friend

the kind you can not replace.

His selfless acts of kindness

made my world a better place. 


From now on I must carry on

without my dearest, best friend.

I must dry my endless tears 

and my broken heart mend.


One day we'll be together again,

as best friends ought to be.

On the lush meadows in heaven 

he'll be waiting patiently for me. 


But until that day comes

he'll be with me wherever I go.

For as long as there is a memory,

he'll live on in my heart, I know. 


In memory of my beloved friend Max.
He's been my constant companion 
since the day I rescued him, thirteen years ago. 
He was my light, my life, my love, my everything! 

My only hope and wish is that he'll wait at heavens gate for me when the day comes,
because I would give anything to look once more into the loving eyes of my Max.