Sannel Larson

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Poetry Book


  1. Nice!

    I really am speechless. This book shared encapsulates your adventure these past years, yet as a butterfly is set free to wander landing on any shoulder.

    I add a favorite review comment . . . Nice!

    Gentle hugs and congratulations with achieving a dream and the adventure in life it shall take you upon . . .


  2. Mitch, thank you so much for those beautiful words. It's friends like you who always support me and my work, that helps me to make my dreams come true.
    Sending gentle hugs your way,

  3. Congratulations, Sannel! I've been waiting for this book to come out and I've already bought my copies! Now I just have to wait for them to arrive. I'm looking forward to the combination of your beautiful words and photographs. You've so much talent with both.

  4. Hello Sannel. I stopped by to see if you have shared any more of your poetry with us. I see that the photography has been taking up your time. I hope signs of spring of appeared in your world.


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