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Friday, January 18, 2013

Kylie's Blossoms - A Review

I was born and raised in Sweden, where famous Swedish authors like Astrid Lindgren and Elsa Beskow captivated the hearts and imagination of mine and every other Swedish young reader, with their imaginative and adventuresome characters, like Pippi Longstocking and Peter in Blueberry land. I especially loved the books with rich and whimsical illustrations. I could let myself get lost for hours in the world of imagination and in the detailed, colorful pictures. I can't but to think, that all those children's books I read as a child are the reason for my wild imagination and playful attitude that has followed me all throughout my life.

  Kylie's Blossoms by Maria Jordan

Michael Friedman's richly illustrated pages with the vibrant colors of the seasons.

The love of reading can be one of the greatest gifts you can give a child

Even today, with my childhood years far behind, I'm still drawn to colorful book covers and can't keep myself from looking through children's books in libraries or book stores and revisit my childhood's delight of disappearing into a world of fantasy and magic. It's so important to introduce our little ones to books in their early formative years, and the earlier in their life, the richer their life will be. So I'm always on the lookout for inspiring and enduring books to give away to the children that's in my life, because a book and the love of reading can be one of the greatest gifts you can instill in children.

The illustrations are colorful and so sweet

Kylie's Blossoms – A must-own!

Recently, I happened to stumble upon a book written by the author, Maria Jordan. As soon as I saw the whimsical illustration on the cover of “Kylie's Blossoms” and reading an excerpt from the book, I know that I just wanted to find out more. So I purchased the book from Amazon, and got acquainted with the 7 year-old Kylie and her friend Teddy.

I would have to say, without a shadow of a doubt, that Maria Jordan's book “Kylie's Blossoms” is absolutely wonderful! It was such a delightful joy to open up the cover of this book and to find each page richly illustrated and beautifully written, with skillful and delicious rhythm, yet in a simple language. Kylie's Blossoms is a delight to both read and read aloud that both children and adults alike will enjoy.


It tells the story of a girl named Kylie who with her teddy bear adventures out in the woods. Kylie and her cuddly companion explore the forest nearby her home. They will take us on a journey through the year and meet various floral friends that teach Teddy and her significant life lessons, compassion and empathy. Each month is centered around one charming flower and one sweet story. Each story surrounding an important and positive lesson to enrich Kylie, Teddy and every little reader's development and character.

An excerpt from Kylie's Blossoms,"Happy Valentine's Day"

Night after night, sight of starlight,

Momma combed her hair, while Kylie said a prayer:

"From heaven above, send us your love.

Guide us by day, show us the way."

"Sleep well, Kylie dear, with Teddy right here.

A kiss will you get, there, all set!"

'Twasn't long counting sheep, little girl fast asleep.

Dreams were sweet and dandy, of Valentine hearts and candy.

Maria Jordan was raised near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she has worked in the nursing field for 30 years. "Kylie's Blossoms" is her first publication, dedicated to her great niece, Kylie, with 12 timeless lessons for all little girls.
Source: Maria Jordan

  • Title: Kylie's Blossoms
  • Author: Maria Jordan
  • Illustrator: Michael Friedman
  • Publisher: Mockingbird Books
  • Publication Date: First Edition 2012
  • Format: Hardcover 5.5" x 8.5" 32 color pages.
  • ISBN: 978-0-9860114-0-5
  • For Ages: 3+ years
  • Type: Picture book, Young junior

A Charming and Lovable Read

Kylie's Blossoms is a charming and lovable read and is such a wonderful gift to any child at any age. This book will definitely become a favorite year-round bedtime story with the children. I hope to see more Kylie and Teddy adventures soon! Kylie's Blossoms can be purchased at Amazon


  1. Kylie's Blossoms is one of the best books for children I've ever read. The story in poem, the high educational value, the illustrations, lay out, front page and quality of paper make this book a jewel in my personal library. I gave one to my granddaughter on her 9th birthday, and she was thrilled.

    Sannel, this is a beautiful blog and an excellent review of Maria Jordan's 'Kylie's Blossoms'.

  2. Sannel you have done a great justice to this marvelous book written by Maria Jordan. It does not surprise me to see such a talented writer and humanitarian like Maria decide to put her talents to work for the benefit of all the children and parents who together will share and delight in this beautiful creative book.

    I am so proud of Maria Jordan and Michael Friedman for their collaboration with this magnificent book. I wish it all the success and for one or more of these books to end up in every household around the world for easy access to a child and parent. Excellent review by Sannel

  3. Hi Sannel, Great review of an incredible book by our mutual friend, Maria Jordan. I loved the volume at once and was drawn to the delightful poems and colorful illustrations, too. We're never to old to enjoy the happiness of childhood books that transport us to our own youth. This well-written and thought-filled book will have positive influence on so many youngsters. Thank you for sharing this important publication.

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  5. Dear Martie, how lovely to see you! Yes, I remember seeing a picture of your darling granddaughter on FB when she received this book. Her expression was not to be mistaken. So much joy and excitement. Hopefully, more children will have the opportunity to get acquainted with Kylie and Teddy.
    Thank you my beautiful friend for your gracious visit,

  6. Hello My Lady Sannel! How are you on this day? I finished the hub. It is ready for you to see. If there are changes email me quickly so I can make them. I have to go to work in about 2 hours. That is 9pm for you.

    I love this article Sannel! You're review speaks with authority and presents Maria's book with both dignity and professionalism. I bow to you. I heard a little bird say there is a contest with this article and one on hubpages. I hope that is with your blessings.

    You can delete the first comment I made. I figured out a different way to do photos. You will see when you read that hub. (I hope a good surprise)


  7. Just kidding. Sir Max Chased Mr. Smile Snatcher Away. Thank You Sir Max!

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  8. Hello Sannel. I want to thank you again for such a great review of Kylie's Blossoms. I just read a hub that said I can enter a contest and have an opportunity to win a copy. (giving a hardy laugh - I hope i win.)

    Good to see you. Your page layout is very nice with an old world charm.

  9. Vincent, thank you so much for your lovely words. Maria Jordan and Mike Friedman have done a fantastic work putting this charming and most inspirational book together. I hope many children will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the lovely Kylie and her Teddy. I would love to see this book in schools and libraries around the globe, as well. Always such a wonderful treat to have you come by for a visit, my dear Canadian friend.

  10. Hello PegCole! I'm so glad to meet yet another fan of Maria and Mike, and the beautiful book, Kylie's Blossoms. I know this delightful book will bring much joy, with its positive influence to any child and parent as well.
    Thank you for your time and lovely comment! It's highly appreciated.

  11. Hello Mitch! Thank you for your generous compliment on my write. I do admire Maria and Mike tremendously, and I absolutely adore, Kylie's Blossoms, so writing this article came quite naturally. I wish them only success with this book, and I hope there will be more Kylie and Teddy adventures in the future.
    Hmm, contest? I better see what you're up to now, my dear friend, lol!

  12. Hello Mike! Oh, that would be a riot! I keep my fingers crossed for you, lol.
    Anyway, thank you for your time and for sharing your wonderful words with me. I'm so glad you like my website, thank you! Always wonderful to see you, my friend.
    God Bless and hugs,

  13. A must have for any little girl!

  14. Hello Mary! This charming book will bring much joy to any child and parent, as well. Thank you for your time.

  15. Oh Sannel,

    I had read this amazing review before but have only now just seen on your blog. A million thanks for your loyalty, friendship and thoughtful review of Kylie's Blossoms.

    Have a beautiful weekend. Love, Maria


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