Sannel Larson

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I'm Blessed With a Path to Follow

As a girl growing up in Sweden, I realized quite early, I was not to follow the path that everyone else took. No, instead I was to follow a trail leading away from comfort, security and convenience. I had a choice, but my curiosity was too strong, knowing that a path with no hindrance, probably doesn't lead anywhere.

Sannel finding Chanterelles on a pathway in the Swedish Forest

Today looking back at my life. A life filled with more disappointments and let-downs than bliss and harmony, I still believe, I would have made the greatest mistake in my life, if I had stayed on that single path that was expected of me. Because of my choice to follow my own unique trail, I found inspiration, knowledge, compassion, strength, faith and hope.

A few years back, unexpectedly, I was to take a new pathway. A narrow track that I did not want to follow, but I had no choice. This was a trail, leading away from accomplishing my desires and dreams. However, after some time, I realized, a path full of battles and pain, probably is better than not having a path to follow at all.

Will I stumble upon yet another trail in the future? I truly hope so! Life is full of pathways that wind their way in and out throughout our life. It's not so much of a choice which path we will choose, but knowing we are blessed with paths for us to follow. Because if there is a path, there is life, and life is truly a wonderful blessing!

A Pathway to Somewhere


  1. Hi, Sannel. This post contains a profound truth that you've learned on the bumpy road of life. It's not what life gives you, it's what you make of the life given you. I hope that your readers will take a moment to think on this truth. It's much more profound than looks at first glance.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and yourself here. I hope you will continue to do so and share some more of the things this life has taught you. Take care, my friend.

  2. We each have followed paths not knowing where they would lead us. Some seem to find paths without stones to tumble upon. Some trip and bruise and get up just to trip and bruise again. Those with the most interesting stories have a few bruises.

  3. Hello Rick! I'm glad you understand me so well here. It's not what life gives you, but that there is a life to begin with. Thank you my dear friend, for your beautiful visit.

  4. Mike, so true - well said! Some are fortunate to follow an easy path, others are not so fortunate. However, as long as there is a path to follow, we are all very fortunate because that means we are alive.
    Thank you my friend for your time. It's always a lovely treat to have you come for a visit.
    God Bless!

  5. My sweet poet and writer. Adversities are sent to temper our souls. I have had many forks in my roads of life, I've stumbled often, got up, dusted myself off and continued, sometimes with scars deeply rooted to remind me that life is precious. Our creator has set us here for reasons beyond comprehension, we must all take up the challenges that lay before us and carry the torch of truths.

    We must never stop loving or sharing it with the world, for there are so many less fortuante than ourselves struggling every day to simply take another breath of life. So my friend, keep LIVING, taking a new step every single day, smelling the air and all the wonders that are set before your daily eyes and keep reaching before you to find the mark.

    You will find it my friend, it's a fingertip away yet always in front of each and every one of us. I pray your strengths will lift others up to keep thier faith, dreams, goals and hopes alive. Hugs to you from me.

  6. Hello Sannel: I want to thank you for sharing this. It is difficult to leave paths that we thought were all mapped out and we imagined we were enjoying the territory--but for some reason the path ended or the door closed to us. Often times we make existential choices at those moments and sometimes the door is closed as a result of those choices. However, whenever that happens we enter a new path that often leads us in a new direction of hope and promise, and ultimately, I believe, fulfillment. As Vincent also said above, there are sometimes many forks in our overall path, as Borges also said, and sometimes we do take the path less traveled by to get somewhere--but I firmly believe that if we are open, it can also lead somewhere beautiful if we let it. And if we need to change paths again, it is OK too--the hope is for greater happiness while serving some greater good, Hugs.

  7. Vincent, my handsome poet and colleague! I know that you have struggled through hardships, battles and pain on your pathway called life. Yet, you cherish and love life, just like our creator wanted us to do. You share unselfishly your spirits, strengths and experiences with others, as well as your beautiful heart and soul.
    It's not what life gives us - but that there is a life to begin with. It's not which path we take - but that there is a path to begin with.
    I'm truly blessed that our paths crossed, my dear friend. How else would I have known such a beautiful and admirable friend like you? Hugs,

  8. Tim Kavi, first of all, thank you so much for honoring me with your visit. On my path, I just stumbled upon your wonderful writing, and I do look forward to stroll through a poetic bliss with goddesses showing me the way. I admire your positive and beautiful outlook on life. Life is such a wonderful thing and perhaps it's not as much of a choice which path we will choose, but knowing we are blessed with paths laid out for us to follow.
    Thank you for your time and inspirational input.

    1. deeply moved. and thank you so much. It is always the wonderful surprise of encounters of fellow travelers who also believe that life is full of opportunities for beauty of purpose..that leads one to embark with hope again just when one may have doubted there was the good. You are one that reminds us all that as long as there is a kind heart in the world there is never a lack of hope. Gentle breezes on the beach of life form always in the encounter of one another in the sandy dunes of the kindred Other.

  9. Tim Kavi, your lovely words touched my heart and brought a smile to my face. Life is the most precious thing we own, and what truly matters here in life is how we treat others. I believe as long as we are compassionate, kind, loving and sincere to people, animals and the nature that God has given to us, then I believe our purpose in life has been fulfilled. Thank you once again for your gracious and most welcomed visit.
    Hugs from me and Sweden.


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